Monday, 25 May 2015

Make That Change

Hi My Friend

We have just had a weekend of some great fights in the UFC.

Weidman - Retains his belt
DC - Claims the LHW Title
Arlovski - Wins a great TKO over Browne

Why the title of this email ''Make That Change''?

Well, the one thing all these fighters have in common is that they made a change... for the better.

D.C first... he stood in the pocket against Johnson and nearly paid the price.

So, he made the change to what works best... he got him against the cage, then down and then wore him out and got the choke.

Weidman... realized, although he was defending superbly, that he needed to step back from Belfort and away from the flurry.
Enabling himself to make that change, get the take down and give him a whupping.

Arlovski - started to get too careless... nearly paid the price... then made the change to be more accurate, take slightly more time and then got the TKO very quickly.

All of these fighters adapted, made changes and made it work for them.

That is what Martial Arts is all about - being able to adapt what you know, change what you are doing wrong, in an instant.

Being able to recognise those slight / or even large errors... being able to change what you are doing. Being able to APPLY what you know will work best for YOU in the CURRENT Situation... this is what separates the best from the rest.

This same principle should be used when applying a single technique, you may well have to change completely what you are doing... or simply just adapt it for the CURRENT Situation.

This ability to ''adapt a technique'' rather than simply learning that a technique can only be done a certain way, again is what separates the best from the rest.

This is what we, as Coaches strive to teach correctly every day of our lives.

If you are a fighter, or learning for self defense, then this is what you should be striving to learn and apply every time you train.

Sometimes it may only require the smallest of changes to get a technique working properly - proper training, learning, understanding and analysis of how and why techniques work will help you to achieve this.

So, next time you training and it's not working - ANALYZE why and learn to make that change.

Till next time

Your Pressure Point Coach
Russell Stutely