Thursday, 18 February 2016

Pressure Points Black Special Offer

Russell Stutely

Hi My Friend
At the moment we have a special offer available on one of our best selling DVD Sets ever - Pressure Points Black 6 DVD Set.
This DVD raised the bar in terms of Pressure Point Instruction and has won acclaim all over the world.
As an added incentive to purchase today we have reduced the price by $100.00 from $249.00 to only $149.00 including FREE Worldwide delivery to your door.
Plus we have included the following extra bonus items:
  • Downloadable versions of each DVD for PC / Android phone
  • Downloadable versions of each DVD for Ipod/Ipad/ Apple Phones
Remember: You will also receive all 6 DVD's Delivered to your door!
Hold on... It gets even better... for the first 100 Customers you will also receive an extra $450.00 of FREE BONUS DOWNLOADS.
This deal is going to be removed once we hit 100 Units and will not be repeated.
Check it out now: Pressure Points Black Special Offer <<<< Click This Link
This is a once in a Blue Moon opportunity my friend - do not delay... we expect this offer to fill up VERY quickly.
Your Pressure Point Coach
Russell Stutely
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