Thursday, 18 September 2014

How To "BRAIN-RATTLE" Your Attacker (IT WORKS!)

By Russell Stutely


There’s a nice spot on a man’s face near the jaw that if you hit
good and hard, will literally “Rattle” an Attacker’s Brain – and
Knock Him Out COLD!

Let’s start with the actual location of this “knockout hot-spot”!

In Chinese Medicine it is called St4. In Modern Western Medicine it
is located Lateral to the corner of the mouth, directly below St3.

But forget the technical hocus-pocus, let me make it super-easy for
you to learn.

Just think of a Goatee or a “Fu Manchu” on a man’s face.

Where the goatee meets the jaw bone is the spot you want.

So now we know exactly where we are going to Hit The Attacker HARD.

It can be a solid punch, a Hammerfist, an elbow or a two-by-four.
The weapon of choice is up to you according to the threat you face.

This point when struck (or even when pressed) releases the
sternocleidomastoid muscle in the neck, which is the big neck muscle that runs from under the ear to
the collar bone towards the center. Basically, there’s one each side of the adams apple.

A good solid strike to this spot releases this muscle, which
controls the neck and keeps the head from spinning round and toppling over.

 So you gain a massive
advantage immediately!

This means that the head is now free to spin violently and it is
this ability that makes the Knockout so easy to achieve.

It does not rely on pure power (though you should always try to add
that in). It relies on the fact that the spins and RATTLES the actual Brain for a quick Knockout.

Your strike should be solid, sharp and THROUGH the contact point.
(Always aim and punch “Through” the Target!)

And the faster you strike this spot, the better your chances of a
stunning Knockout.

Remember to keep your focus and know that this will work for you.
I’ve seen my beginning students at academies use it on the first day and knock out their
training partner!

For the very best result remember to strike in a downward angle on
this spot.

At VERY low power levels (e.g when teaching or first learning this
point) you need to be accurate to get the results.

I have actually achieved Knockout’s by tapping this point with my
index finger in a prodding manner when training. So you can imagine how little power can be
used to make this work!

In a self defense situation you MUST hit as hard as humanly
possible. This makes this point much more likely to be a success!

And even if you are not super accurate, as long as some part of
your fist lands on the point you will still get a great result!

Here’s another scenario from the famous “Clinch” position:

Your hands are around your opponents head, like a Thai clinch. What
most folks don’t realize is, this actually helps to strengthen your opponent!

So here’s what to do: Release one hand and immediately Elbow Down
Hard to the Brain Rattle Point.

You will be amazed at the results.

I have achieved MANY Knockouts utilizing this little trick over the
years :-)

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