Monday, 17 November 2014



by Russell Stutely

I have heard this phrase so many times “Pressure Points don’t work for real. I have tried them”
It usually comes from someone with no training at all, or at best a few minutes of training in Pressure Points
What all these people do have in common is that they have never trained with ME.

 The Key to effective Pressure Point Fighting, is understanding how and why they work, so that you can get the very best results.
 The Technique Enhancers I am about to share with you today will add Rocket Fuel to your Pressure Point Fighting Skills if you have them in place FIRST.

 Make sense?


The first thing you need to understand is BALANCE. Here you can see that Russell Stutely has taken the balance of Sensei Phil Raikes. Notice that the head is turned AWAY from Russell and that Sensei Raikes is forced to lean backwards, resulting in a massive loss of deliverable power for Sensei Raikes

Pressure Points Black 6 DVD set


Here Russell and Sensei Raikes are "face to face". This makes it a 50/50 situation. If Sensei Raikes is stronger and faster, then it becomes 60/40 or 70/30 etc in his favour. Bad news for Russell!

Pressure Points Black 6 DVD Set

Simply by taking a 45 degree angle, Russell is now in a 60/40 or 70/30 position.

Pressure Points Black 6 DVD Set

Bad news for Sensei Raikes.


Most of us Karateka were taught to Kiai on impact. For the VERY BEST effect, you should kiai, breathe out, just before impact. This we would call, Mind, Breath Body. In other words; Think it Breathe it Do it

Pressure Points Black 6 DVD Set


Most MA’s tend to allow the rear leg to point outwards. Rear leg Problems This leaves you vulnerable to not only a life changing, knee destroying front kick as demonstrated by Sensei Raikes, but also to a lack of speed in movement.

Pressure Points Black 6 DVD Set
Pressure Points Black 6 DVD Set

Correct Rear leg By having your feet pointing where you want to go, or rather where you want the power to go. You save your knee (it would still hurt being kicked of course).

Pressure Points Black 6 DVD Set

Point your feet towards your opponent Then, point your feet the correct way, take the correct angle and you are back in business. The effect of a simple grab on the arm with the above enhancers in place.

Pressure Points Black 6 DVD Set


From a standard "clinchy" type situation, Russell applies a firm press to Sensei Raikes neck, with limited results. In fact it just gets Sensei Raikes annoyed and fired up ready to fight!

Pressure Points Black 6 DVD Set

Vibrating a point By "vibrating" the firm press, Sensei Raikes is unable to combat the effects of the press into the neck

Pressure Points Black 6 DVD Set

 All these technique enhancers and more secrets of pressure point fighting can be found in Russell Stutelys 6 dvd set PRESSURE POINTS BLACK

In Pressure Points Black 6 DVD set 

You will learn the ability to drop anyone and cause maximum pain

You will learn how to work tendons, triceps and more parts of the arms with Black Magic Pressure Points. Any arm grabs, attacks and such like become MUCH EASIER when you hold these Pressure Points secrets in your arsenal.


You will learn Instant Knockout Points to use on the head. Geez, these ‘black’ Pressure Point secrets are g-o-o-d and super-powerful!


You will....................


Can I really learn from DVDs?

by Tony Cecchine

We are living in the information age. There is literally no shortage of good (and bad) information at our fingertips.

By finding the right information from a trusted source, and breaking it down into bite-sized bits so that you can learn at your own pace, you can
actually accelerate your learning!

Here’s a check-list to help you get the most with home-based video learning:

1. Do initial research to find a trainer that you’ll feel comfortable learning from. Then delve into what they have to offer.

2. Take what they show in digestible pieces, a bite at a time. For example, if their DVD shows 10 techniques, don’t attempt to practice each one at
the same time. Isolate one or two and really put in the effort to excel at them before moving on.

3. Record yourself. Sometimes we can be our best critic. Video yourself doing the move and compare to what the expert is doing. Take your time to to look for consistencies and proper application.

The insights you get from this can be invaluable and really speed up your learning progress!

4. Really analyze and listen to what the expert is saying. Don’t rush or gloss over anything. Sometimes it may take several viewings of a technique
to pick up on the finer details.

That’s the beauty of DVDs. It’s like having the same private lesson from the same teacher whenever you need it, at your convenience, until you have it
(but instead of paying again and again for hourly private lessons, you only pay once for DVDs!)

5. Visualize what you are doing in your mind, and do the visualization in slow motion. Before we can do anything, it must be a thought in our mind.
Slow and gradual increases in tempo is the best approach.

Bruce Lee was known to use visualization, as well as many champions and olympic athletes. If it’s good enough for them, you need to make this a part of your training.

6. Schedule your time to train and be consistent. Make a schedule, stick to it and be fair to yourself.

7. Make it fun! The real secret is to love what you’re doing. That makes it fun, so time will seem to fly and you’ll find yourself a better fighter
than you thought you could be!

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