Sunday, 5 April 2015

Multiplied Force Fighting System

This week I have let you know about the incredible Multiplied Force Fighting System - from Europe's Top Expert - Russell Stutely.
Here is what other experts think:
"Russell can show anyone how to turn on so much power that they can devastate any street punk or attacker. Russell WILL change the way you train and how you defend yourself, forever."
 - Herol "Bomber" Graham. 3 Time British, European and Commonwealth Boxing Champion
"Russell makes Pressure Points easy to use. He has transformed my Martial Arts"
. - Bob Sykes - 7th Dan Karate. Editor of Martial Arts Illustrated.
"Whether you are an experienced Martial Artist, or beginner, these DVDs are essential in understanding how true power is developed Russell understand the reality of combat and has taught many of the most respected practical combatants in the UK6 I have worked with Russell for many years and can personally vouch for the effectiveness of every technique shown= Buy these DVDs=. Double or treble your impact for half the normal effort - It's a fact!"
- Peter Consterdine 9th Dan. The Worlds leading Self Protection Expert
If these World renowned experts rate Russell so highly, then this has gotta be worth a look.

Russell has spent his life researching and training with the Worlds elite to ensure that he has the best system available anywhere!
Russell has always been extremely 'scientific' in his approach.
Everything has to be easy to learn, easy to replicate and easy to teach.
Russell calls his new approach to fighting "The Multiplied Force Fighting System".
It is systematic. It is Scientific. And it Deliberately addresses the problem most people face: wanting to learn a super-effective real-world self defense system -but not having the time to learn.
Here is the bottom line: you simply DON'T need endless moves and such like.
You NEED something that works RIGHT out of the box.
Something that can be picked up and used IMMEDIATELY.
One, Two and finish the fight!
There are only four components to this incredible system
What is on the DVD Set?
DVD 1 - Power Generation
This DVD covers the fundamentals required to ensure that you gain the MAXIMUM benefit from the MFFS.
Learn to DOUBLE or even TREBLE your Impact whilst utilising HALF of the normal effort.
DVD 2 - Placement Point Technology
How to utilise the weak areas of the body in the most effective way.
This is the true "appliance of science"
DVD 3 - Back Up Support System
What to do when it all goes wrong. Yes... Russell has thought of everything.
IF you make a mistake and all is going wrong, then this is what you need next!
DVD 4 - Using MFFS in Real life Scenarios
Step by step instruction in the most common street scenarios and how to utilise MFFS correctly.
DVD 5 - Devastating MFFS Knockouts
How to use the system to K.O and / or completely disable your opponent.
The Complete MFFS 5 DVD Set - Delivered to Your Door - Posted within 7 Days
IPOD Downloadable Version of EACH DVD - IMMEDIATE Download
PC/ Android Downloadable Version of EACH DVD - IMMEDIATE Download
All for ONLY $147.00
Pressure Point Database (MS Access) - Immediate Download
Pressure Point Listing (MS Excel) - Immediate Download
PDF Book - Karate - The Hidden Secrets - Immediate Download
Areas of Attack DVD - Immediate Download