Tuesday, 3 July 2018

How to Instantly Improve Performance

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When it comes to athletes everywhere and achieving peak performance health, there is one thing they all have in common and that is being powerful through the hips.

Regardless of the sport, athletes want to perform at their best every single time they take the field, the court, the cage, the ring or the ice. 

In order to do that, we must have healthy, strong and mobile hips:  Hips that function without pain, tightness or lack of mobility.

A balance in strength exists through the hip flexors, the iliopsoas group and gluteus group which helps keep the body moving and performing at its absolute best.

The ‘power zone’ lies at the center of the human body. 

Sure, the arms and legs are super important for any person or elite athlete, but the source of true power resides within the hips. 

Talk to any coach or trainer all over the world over and they will agree with this simple assessment. 

Without the ability to bend, jump, twist, dive, run or move effectively, an athlete is dead in their tracks, literally.

Athletes from all backgrounds across the world spend a great deal of time working on the balance of strength within their hip area. 

They stretch, strengthen, massage, or anything else that will help them improve hip function. 

Without even realizing it, athletes are helping to not only improve their physical performance but also their mental and emotional function.

Is it any wonder why after doing something physically active, even just a good long walk, you feel emotionally uplifted?

Athletes and others that push their bodies in sports, in the gym or at home, simply feel better and more energetic. 

Case and point: the body was designed to move and not be in a seated position all the time.  But unfortunately for most people, sitting is a large part of our lives and the center of the body is restricted and stressed out.

But that’s NOT the case for many athletes.

The messaging that goes from the lower body to the upper body and back again has less roadblocks, less stress and the signals are stronger.

When stronger signals are passing from head to toe in an athlete, their power production is improved dramatically. 

And as stated at the very beginning, when you increase power, you achieve peak performance health.
 You will be glad that you did!

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