Friday, 14 June 2013

Banned from MMA

Have you ever thought what would be the most effective techniques?

Have you ever thought what techniques have the highest success rate?

Do you know the best way to find out the most effective technqiues?

It is really all quite simple:

The MOST effective techniques are those that are BANNED entirely from
sporting competitions like the UFC.


Kicking to the head when on the ground - works great!

Spiking an opponent - throwing directly onto the head - works great!

Striking eyes / groin - works great... remember the UFC a few goes back.. almost every
fight was stopped for up to 5 minutes to let the opponent recover from an
accidental groin / eye strike.

5 minutes is one helluva long time in a real brutal, nasty, violent self defense situation.

Point of elbow strikes - works great.. in fact on this latest video clip you will see
just how effective this strike can be here  HARDCORE FIGHTING SECRETS
Do you know the best way to find the techniques with the highest success rate?

Again it is quite simple - EXPERIENCE!

What is difficult to beat is the COMBINED experience of hundreds of Police Officers,
thousands of door supervisors and thousands of security operatives all over the Globe.

That, my friend is what is contained on this latest DVD Set.

COMBINED experience and BANNED techniques.

That makes for an explosive set of REAL WORLD Self Defense techniques and methods to add
to your arsenal.

This extra special offer will close tomorrow evening... so now is the time to get this set ordered;
Enjoy the immediate downloads and bonus items and wait a few days for the hard copies to arrive at your door.

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