Sunday, 16 June 2013


Learning how to throw someone in a training environment
can be pretty tough.

Throwing someone in a sporting competition can be super tough!

BUT - Throwing someone in the Street is impossible??


In fact throwing someone in the street is MUCH easier than ANY
sporting competition or even gym training session.


Because in the Street YOU CHEAT.

In all sporting competitions it is ILLEGAL to strike the throat.

It is ILLEGAL to strike the neck...

So what do WE DO before we throw? You got it.. strike the throat / neck.

Imagine this scenario:

The bar room bully throws a big right hand

You evade it to the outside of his arm whilst stepping in and towards the
bad guy.

At the same time, your right arm slams into the side of his neck, putting him
to sleep / semi conscious. (tip: use the bony part of your arm)

Pull him in tight and step through with your right leg so it past the outside
of his right leg - so you are effectively: buttock to buttock.

Pull him over your hip whilst pushing your body towards the bad guy.

He will slam VICIOUSLY to the floor.

If you need to follow up - then you are perfectly positioned to do so

You can watch the clip here:


Be careful training this one... Remember THERE IS A REASON for the first part of
this technique being banned!

Look At Just Some Of The Techniques You Will Master:
  • Enter Under Cover - Safely Attack the Attacker
  • Gorilla Pull - This is PURE EVIL
  • Lung Collapser - This is Just Plain Nasty
  • Bladder and Bowel Release - OMG - See the bad guy urinate in a heap on the floor after being hit
  • One Arm Strangle - Multiple Attacker Technique
  • Brachial Stun - Instant K.O Baby
  • Thai Strangle - You NEED to learn this one - Multiple Attacker Technique
  • Much More
Wow. Just IMAGINE knowing all of those techniques! Well, guess what? You can. They’re right here for you. And even if you knew just a few of them... do you really think your attacker would even stand a chance?

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