Monday, 10 June 2013

Cant Breathe - Cant Fight

Collapsing someones chest / lung in during a fight will definitely be a winner for you.
It is actually much easier to achieve than you might think.
Perfect against a bigger and very aggressive opponent.
The "lung collapser" technique shown by Russell Stutely here is a perfect example.
The technique starts at about 3:40
Notice how Russell explains the verbal assaults at about 03:50
And then a few seconds later creates a gap to better equip himself to defend
Then when the bad guy launches his attack 04:15
Russell is ready to drive the point of his elbow deep into the bad guys chest 
This is driven in like a spear straight through the chest area.
Leaving the bad guy in a crumpled mess on the floor - see it on this video CLICK HERE
This technique can be trained full speed and power on a heavy bag or one of those BOB dummies.
NEVER go full speed and power with your training partner though!
Yours in self defense
David Wells

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