Friday, 14 June 2013

How to Fight FOR REAL

Dear Friend,
Here is an announcement from Europe's No. 1 Expert, Russell Stutely:
''Myself and my colleagues within the Martial Arts and Self Defense world
have been at the forefront of training, sharing, teaching and
unfortunately real fighting for many many years.
I won’t lie to you, there’s been some blood and bruises,
but it was well worth it to now have what we’ve discovered.
To put it simply, it means we have some real
Hardcore Fighting Secrets!
And I openly challenge ANYONE who says otherwise.
You see, the McDojos and sports gyms will hate us
for sharing this information (but that’s nothing new, is it?)
Because it shows you how to kick an attacker’s ass
without having to wait 3 years for a Black Belt.
It shows you how to stop a bigger, stronger attacker cold with
devastating precision and pressure points that drop them
to the ground and leave them in a quivering mass of pain.
It’s that simple.
In other words, it explodes! - and your attacker is finished.
We’re making it available at a massive discount price for
just a short while. 
You can read all the details, and see a video clip here

Yours in Self Defense,
Russell Stutely
Wow... way to go Russell.
Now I know that everyone and his Dog is an ''expert'' when
it comes to Self Defense these days!
But Russell and his crew have been there, done it, bought the T Shirt
and made it home!
You don't get to train the Worlds Elite without being one of them!
And that, my friend, is exactly what Russell is.
Everything on this DVD set has been rigorously ''Field-Tested'' so as to
Everything you see has been done FOR REAL, when the chips are down and
you HAVE to Fight!
There were the occasional accident when filming this for you - that's what
happens when attacks are done for real!
The Bonus items - available for 3 more days only - are INCLUDED ....
Enjoy and take advantage of this incredible offer right now!

Yours in REAL Self Defense
David Wells

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